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Flora Parked


"...you know, you should just park a trailer on the street and grow vegetables in it... *pause* ...hang on that's a great idea!"

Is how it all started. Fast forward through a whirlwind 2 weeks involving: an FOI request, a puzzled man delivering a broken trailer, a big lumber order and a literal ton of soil, the trailer garden was born and ready for the first seedlings.

We were worried about car owners having spaces taken up, but no one had a problem and many worried the plants would be stolen.

We wanted it to be legally parked, but traffic wardens scratched their heads and Lambeth refused to let us buy a parking permit.

So we applied for a gardening award, and won an innovation prize!

Since then a very local architect sprouted (ha) @eatoffyourstreet and they're scheming to build lots more gardening and social spaces around the neighbourhood. Wonderful.